In 2017, not long after my friends had broken ground on what is now Loch Leven Brewery & taproom, I briefly mentioned that I was interested in gin making and that we should make some to serve alongside the beer. A few days later I found myself viewing a disused garage and shaking hands on a deal to build out a distillery and start a gin brand …and what a journey it has been.

The distillery is named after Loch Leven, an area of such significant beauty, heritage and nature which has inspired everything we have built.

For those who don’t know, the loch sits in the heart of Scotland, it’s the biggest in the lowlands and was formed some 270 million years ago, and as you may have heard in relatively recent times, castle island played jailor to a young Mary Queen of Scots. Today, we enjoy stunning views, access to golfing, fishing and the yearly sight of thousands of winter fowl and plentiful trout in loch itself.

For over a year we have worked hard to create a boutique scale distillery, which as its centrepiece now features a beautiful (albeit small) glass and copper hybrid still to make consistently clean, smooth and flavour rich spirits. In September 2018 we launched a small range of dry gins and this year we'll be bottling seasonal batches to be exclusively sold within the region.

Both our bottle shape and artwork is borrowed from Loch Leven and it's history. I designed a monogram, re-drew an old fishing map of the loch and made the castle ruins themselves our distillery and gin brand. My aim is to deliver back a venue and spirit range to be proud of, made here in Kinross, in the heart of Scotland.

Kenneth J Campbell
Loch Leven Distillery